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In 1999, Matt and Corie dreamed of inspiring marriages in the beginning months of dating. Matthew, a US Army Chaplain, and Corie, a licensed professional counselor, found their sweet spot working together in counseling and leading marriage retreats, in order to simplify difficult concepts.


To help you re-balance, refocus, and re-awaken your marriage by identifying imbalance, creating definitive & motivational goals, and to discard weapons of marital destruction (destructive behaviors & thought patterns) that have been causing damage to what was once confident and pure.


Individuals are Biological, Psychological, Sociological & Spiritual beings. Inattentiveness and/or over-focus in any of these areas can lead to problems in the person & their relationships.  The union of two individuals coming together to form a marriage dynamic needs attention & balance in these areas.


Life requires nourishment & patience to thrive. Using the metaphor of a life-giving tree, we focus on three levels of investment:  the branches 'Engage', the trunk 'Explore' & the root system 'Enrich.' With Enliven Faith, we discuss how marriage is rooted in spiritual truth.

Welcome to ENLIVEN

Welcome to

Today could be the first day towards wonderful changes in your marriage.  

There is no doubt that having a healthy marriage is intense work.  It takes self-awareness, vulnerability, forgiveness, and a willingness to grow and change.  We get the question all the time "Why does it have to be this difficult?"  If you have ever heard of the phrase: Iron sharpens iron, there is truth in the idea that healthy conflict and differences in any relationship can make a person stronger, and the relationship incredibly fulfilling.

After almost 15 years of marriage, Matt and Corie Weathers, both therapists and ministry partners, bring you an entirely FREE marriage study called ENLIVEN. Based on years of therapeutic interventions used with other families and principles used in their own lives, ENLIVEN will restore, re-awaken, and balance your relationship. ENLIVEN is written for any marriage regardless of stage, season, or present difficulty. 

Join us today, simply create an account, or try out Week 1 as our guests.  There is nothing to lose.





We are not  about numbers.  We are about healing...  Healing for individuals and their famillies.   From one family to another.

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